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How to register?

A: You can click directly into the "registered members" to register. Registration is very simple, you only need to press the registration requirements of the guide some of the basic information you enter. In order to accurately for you, be sure to fill in the registration of ten your real information, we will be kept confidential. 4-10 to enter the account number, use only English letters, numbers "-."

How to become a member?

A: You can click on the "Member Login and Registration" to register. Registration is very simple, you need to do is prompted to enter in accordance with relevant information to you when completed, be sure to check the accuracy of the content of the fill, and bear in mind that your membership account number and password so that you query order or hope that the Web site to provide You more services to check your identity.

How on-line orders to buy, how to operate a process it?

A: You go shopping and in this way is very similar to the way you as long as we are in accordance with the classification of goods into the page or the "diamond jewelry" and "personalized custom" case-by-page link in accordance with the specified path will be able to browse the .