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Magic washing ball
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Magic washing ball

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Magic washing ball
Material: Soft vinyl salinization resin (in line with European environmental certification)
Specifications: diameter of about 6cm
Product Color: light blue
Weight: 45 grams



Methods of Use:

1) Add clothes into the washing machine as normal and then place one washing ball on top of clothes. No additional detergent or softener products are needed. Just keep the ball inside the machine during the wash and rinse cycles.
2) Follow your normal laundry procedures concerning wash times, water temperature, etc.
3) After washing, just leave the washing ball in the washing machine or remove and store in cool place allowing the ball to dry naturally.
4) When the active material (pellets) inside the ball has been 50% consumed, simply refill using the two extra bags of pellets supplied.

User Friendly Advantages:
* 100% environmentally
* No harsh chemicals
* Non toxic
* Phosphate free
* No soap scum or powder residue left on clothes
* Completely free of dyes & perfumes
* Hypo-allergenic
* Anti-bacterial
* Gentle on all fabric types
* Won’t fade colors
* Work well at any water temperature

* Reusable up to 60 laundry loads
* Saves water & time by eliminating the need for extra rinse cycles
* No need to add fabric softeners


Easy to use
Nothing to add or mix. Nothing to spill. No more soap powder on the floor
No more measuring, scooping or pouring
No more heavy boxes or bottles to buy, carry to home or store


High alkyl sulfate, non-ionic surfactant, metasilicate, essence, water.
When the material (pellets) inside the ball has reduced to 50% of the original amount, the ball can be quickly easily refilled.



Store as with any other cleaning products in a dry and secure place out of reach of children.