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Aromatherapy wool quilt
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Aromatherapy wool quilt

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Aromatherapy wool quilt
100% pure Australian wool + Natural Aromatherapy

Color: white, golden satin edge
Packaging: Environmental non-woven bag



Wool is warm in winter yet cool in summer, breathable.The millions of air pockets created by wool's three-dimensional structure gives wool unique insulating qualities. In winter, these air pockets hold body warmth and insulate against the cold.


Wool ventilates in summer.

In summer, wool keeps the body dry by absorbing up to 30% of its own weight in the moisture given off by the body, up to 1 litre each night, without feeling damp. Deep pile will forms an air barrier between you and the mattress, allowing air flow. This ventilation disperses the moisture, keeping you comfortably dry and cool even on those sticky nights.


Wool is naturally fire resistant. Wool is difficult to ignite because of its natural moisture content. It merely chars and does not flare up.


Also, Removable Aromatherapy bag inside could eliminate the peculiar smell, defend the mildew and moth, clean air, relieve nerve, decompression, clean mind, relieve tension and anxiety, alleviate migraine, also can improve the sleep quality significantly.



With the smelling of Aromatherapy, After pulmonary circulation, then eliminated from the body after being used by the human body. This can cure the respiratory infections (such as Bronchitis, asthma, colds, cough) or chronic disease, also has the function of life-giving and composedness of emotion, make the digestive system stable.


Removable Aromatherapy bag is a herbal medicine,so it might be moldy when in dampness. As a result, it should keep dry to use aromatherapy pad, often dry in the sun to not be the root cause of the disease. The function for aromatherapy pad is realized through remedy, so in the use, it is best to use aromatherapy pad according to body’s specific requirements to choose the right aromatherapy bag.