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Biomagnetic Leather Belt
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Biomagnetic Leather Belt

Item EX-L-002
Weight 0.000 kg
Feature This is not common belt, it is BioMagnetic leather belt, which is well known that the magnets and bioproducts help the health of body because of the increase the circulation of blood by the magnets.
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Item No: EX-L-002




Magnetic waist belt is not common belt, the new conception belt inlaid magnet inside to make you healthy by so easy way .don't need you to take time and effort .traditionally ,we just think belt is the ornament to trousers, but we make the magnet inlaid the belt to keep human body healthy with the so easy way to wear.  Magnetic belts were in fashion at the same time, can be worn comfortably over clothes or underclothes. If you have a bad back that can use a bit of support from a nice tight belt, the magnetic belt will help.



 -- Improve blood circulation and immunity.

-- Reduce fatigue

-- Strengthen metabolism of human body.

-- Relieve muscular and skeletal pain by time

-- Help reduce back-ache

-- Help clear out arteries and reduce toxic build-up