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Bamboo fibre towel
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Bamboo fibre towel

Item C0151
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Feature Anti-Bacterial,Moisture Absorption and Ventilation,Very Comfortable ,Soft and Patina
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 Bamboo fibre towel(Item: C0127)


Size: 30*60cm

Weight: 115g

Color:  green


Bamboo fibre towel is made up of 100% bamboo fiber, it is antibacterial, oil repellent, and easy to wash and dry. It is not greasy, not compacted; you can use it for a long time with no-slitting, no odor, and no static. With exquisite appearance, it is soft and generally monochromatic and can be colored or embroidered.




1) Anti-Bacterial

Scientists found that bamboo has a unique natural antibacterial agent in its fiber. Bacteria will

propagate rapidly in cotton and other fibers obtained from wood pulp, forming bad smell and even cause early degradation of the fiber in some cases. But it will be killed 75% after 24 hours later in bamboo fibre. It has been proven by studies conducted by the National Textile Inspection Association, China (NTIA) and Shanghai Microorganism Research Institute, that bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial properties.  Even after fifty times of washing, fabrics made from bamboo fiber are found to possess excellent antibacterial functions.


2) Moisture Absorption and Ventilation

With the larruping cross section bamboo fiber have many favorable functions. There are many small openings or holes besprinkling on the cross section, with groove structure .So it have well sound hygroscopic and ventilate fitting the feeling of skin, bring the sense of coolness. The ability of moisture absorption is more superior than cotton .Apparels made from bamboo fibers are 1-2 degrees lower than normal apparels in hot summer. So it is called "air condition"


3) Very Comfortable, Soft and Patina

Bamboo fabric present natural color like silk ,handling like cashmere ,best overhanging and advantage of un-stick. This fabric is comfortable and nice-looking.


4) Eco-Friendly

Bamboo can grow as much as 3 feet over night. .So it due to amazing growth properties . The

harvesting cycle is two to three years, the growth and use of bamboo does not require deforestation.


This is a fast growing renewable resource it can replace cotton, wood ect.