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Bamboo Charcoal Bag
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Bamboo Charcoal Bag

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Construction: pure natural bamboo charcoal + breathable silk fabric,  hand-made
coffee, green
Usage: For use in living rooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, cabinets, wash rooms and store room, also could be as a decoration in the room.



1. strong ability of adsorption: as bamboo charcoal is porosity, it can adsorb the bad oder and some harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC.

2. adjusting humidity: it will absorb the moisture when too wet and release absorbed water when around is too dry.





Bamboo charcoal is a kind of natural and porous substance, with the specific surface area reaching 700 square meters per gram. It has powerful absorption, decomposition,

dehumidification, drying, odor removal, anti-bacterium and other functions. Place the product into the refrigerator, it can remove peculiar smell in the refrigerator and keep the food fresh, without any unacceptable odors. 

Function: The bag is stuffed with bamboo charcoal . It makes the best use of porous structure of bamboo charcoal to adsorb and eliminate smells in wardrobe, it has a strong function in removing harmful substances in the air and preventing mold, damp and damage from worm or moth. It can be used in newly-decorated room, living-room, wardrobe, closet, filing cabinet, photographic equipment cabinet, etc.
Notice: the bamboo charcoal used out can be placed on the soil for flower, which activate the soil and extends blooming period.