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Bamboo charcoal shoe Deodorizer
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Bamboo charcoal shoe Deodorizer

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Name:  Printed shoe Deodorizer
Size: 15 * 7cm
Material: Natural dyeing printing cotton fabric + ECO non-woven fabric + green nylon rope + bamboo charcoal of 160g per pair



Product Efficacy:

Bamboo Charcoal Shoes Plug is made of printing fabric and environmentally friendly printing non-woven fabric, which filled 80 grams of pure natural bamboo charcoal per piece, bamboo charcoal with property of dense porous, of hexagon-shaped, then surface area per gram is up to 300 - 600 square meters, with strong moisture absorption, moisture, deodorization, sterilization and other natural effects. To remove foot odor, purify the air inside the shoe to keep the shoe dry, comfortable and fresh.



Bamboo charcoal Shoes smell removing plugs, put it in the shoes taken off, can eliminate odor and moisture, especially can get rid of the peculiar smell caused by sweat, and prevent micro-bacteria from breeding, keep the whole shoes cabinet off odor.  It can be used repeatedly.


1, Adjusting the wet: natural porous carbon materials with significant moisture absorption, sweat absorption and keep shoes dry.

2, Deodorant: porous structure of the natural carbon materials has obvious role in odor absorption, deodorizing function.

See here: As the traditional non-woven shoe plugs can not be waterishlogged, so it can only be discarded after using dirty, otherwise the bacteria adsorbed on the surface will redouble increased and will be hazardous to health.  Our shoes plug with coat design, it is not only beautiful but also enables you to freely collect, easy to clean, long-term to use.




Dry or air under the sunlight for 1 time around one month in order to guarantee its effect of adsorbing smell and deodorization set out sufficiently.