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Bamboo Charcoal Cushion Seat Mat
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Bamboo Charcoal Cushion Seat Mat

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Sytle 1

Structure: Upper layer with soft and breathable fabric, inner with 64psc of high temperature poriferous bamboo charcoal bag,the bottom super skidproof layer.                                     Size: 45*45cm                                                                                                              Color: Black                                                                                                                 Weight: 435g           


Style 2

Structure: Upper layer with soft and mesh breathable mesh fabric, inner with 64pcs burnt of high temperature burt poriferous bamboo with charcoal bag and super high-elastic sponge layer in 7mm, the bottom with  super  skidproof layer                                                                                           Size: 45*45cm                                                                                       Color: grey                      





Bamboo charcoal possesses strong adsorbing strange smell, absorb sweat, smell from smoke, air conditioner, and harmful gases ( formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc. )  restraint germ, prevent hemorrhoids, antistatic, shields electro-magnetic radiation wait for efficacy. The far infra-red releases helps stimulate the blood circulation, quicken the metabolization process, and help reviving from fatigue; the negative ion it sets off purifies the air. It provides an extra comfort and a healthy feeling, which is especially suitable for long-time driving and office work. 

Should product use advanced prevent slip material, can keep cushion neat, winter warm and summer cool effect, and can make fresh air nature in car, and drive people's ambition yokemate.





1) Opens sack, will cushion put and then be OK usage.

2) Every month several times will product take out proceed sunshine, can keep charcoal good efficacy.


Genaral knowledge on Bamboo Charcoal


Bamboo Charcoal is closely related to our everyday lives and it provides us with various benefits. From its external features, it is nothing attractive, but it possesses hidden miraculous effects.

Scientists have used spectroscopes and discovered that the “red light” emitted by bamboo charcoal is in fact infra-red rays. This positivity attracts electrons from the surrounding, preventing oxidation and reduces oxidized matters. It also increases the intensity of the magnetic field in the surrounding, thus providing health benefits.


Because the health effects hidden in charcoal is continuously being discovered, bamboo charcoal products are produced using old bamboo plants which are at least five years old and processed under temperatures of nearly a thousand degrees. They are porous and possesses large surface areas, with very strong absorption power and possesses the ability to regulate humidity, cleanse, deodorize, emit infra-red rays and negative ions.





Prevents dampness, resists bacteria, regulates dampness & maintains freshness, prevents harmful radiation, prevents static electricity, provides far infra red rays and special effects are produced by negative ions. Bamboo charcoal also contains natural minerals including calcium, potassium and sodium which are easily soluble in water, providing a strong activation effect on cells.